about rubystud

Breeding and promoting Miniature Pinschers, Miniature Dachshunds and Boston terriers to the ANKC Standard, and concentrating on happy, healthy, quality dogs.

Owner: Amy Sheridan

Located Tamworth NSW (half way between Sydney and Brisbane)
Email: asherid6@hotmail.com
Mobile: 0429 920 124
ABN: 84 795 909 103

Where Rubystud Started

Growing up in country I always had working dogs on a cattle property. 2008 I went to University New England and studied Bachelor of Rural Science there I found my passion of genetics, science and reproduction. Over the next 4 years I studied as much as I could about dog genetics and which breed of pedigree dog would best suit me. In 2012 I got my first miniature pinscher Shiralea Viva La Chocolate aka Ruby, with a horse background I was drawn to the hackney gait and the attitude of the miniature pinscher commonly known as the King of the Toys. 2013 I got my first Miniature Dachshund commonly known as Kya and in 2017 I got my first Boston Terrier Blackthai One Chic To Beat aka Summer.

Ruby, Kya and Summer went on to be my foundation girls and my lines are still linked to these females today.

January 2024 first import for Rubystud brings us Tauriel Goin T Rattle Th Stars (IMP NZ – 00176-2024) “Zeke”

Showing dogs and some of our Australian Champions

I have been registered with DogsNSW since 2012 and showing the dogs competitively since 2015 in both NSW and QLD. Rubystud has had many Australian champions to name a few are: Photos of these dogs can be found in the photo Gallery.

Miniature Pinscher

  1. Rubystud Lipstick and Lace – Lacey
  2. Shiralea Alice In Wonderland – Alice
  3. Shiralea Smoked Paprika – Smokey
  4. Rubystud Rumour Has It – Rumour
  5. DeSugar Sir Levi Delux – Levi
  6. Rubystud Stop The Nation – Delta
  7. Rubystud Canadian Syrup – Maple
  8. Rubystud Calgary Stampede – Ryder

Boston Terrier

  1. Blackthai One Chic To Beat – Summer
  2. Havfun Nix Image – Nike
  3. Bostonlakes Turbocharged – Turbo
  4. Rubystud On My Radar – Radar